Animals - Iwan Groot


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Appointments and Projects

For commercial or personal use of photo from a shoot get into contact for me to give your the forms, details and we can plan something together. If you wish to make something creative together Im looking for Photographers, Make-Up Artists, models, fashion designers, sewers, painters and perhaps Retouchers to work with.

Returning to the Sea

I wanted to get to take some nice beach scenes, Sea Turtles and a relaxing weekend. I would have preferred photographing Komodo Dragons but didn't have the time or finances to make that trip, another time. Sea Turtles are also memory from my childhood as I grew up in a jungle village next to the tropical Atlantic ocean where i also got to see various wildlife. Among them Sea Turtles. So it was very nice to photograph something from my childhood.

Gili Meno, part of the Indonesian archipelago off of the island Lombok. There are the three islands often referred to as the Gili's, and T is the party island, Air the romantic and Meno the quiet one.

Yes This photo depended on it. Because To get this photo in camera I would have to release a baby sea turtle that wasn't strong enough to fend it self in the wild. So rather than releasing it into the wild. I took a picture of the baby in the Sanctuary where it was safe, then down to the beach 10 meters away to take photos of the beach and then when I got home I blended the exposures together for my vision.

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