Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Flamboyant Wavez

Shot quite a few shots to be able to get the crashing of the wave on the rock, when I cam around to editing it I was surprised I didnt have more shots to recapture the highlights and see the sun as a dot.
but oh will I still like the sky on fire, the lightsource, the contrast and movement of the shot.
Im really fascinated by the rocks at the coast, to the right you got a rock making a "wave or claw" at the left if a building or cabin which i suspect has do with the lighthouse "Ulla" right around the corner. An excellent sunset always has clouds, they just bring things more fire and life, and drama.
I considered removing the electicity posts to the left but left them anyways. if I lived here I would try to get a shot where the sun goes into that "claw" at sunset.
anyways enjoy the beauties of the islands.

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