Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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This is a really cool location, It would be interesting to do some starry sessions here, and I wonder what it looked like here on march 17th when the northern lights went way down south.

The special turquoise color in the water comes from the water melting off the glaciers in the area, where there are quite a bit of them.

I personally love this photo because of the pointy top of the mountain Eggenibba and the calm colorful water of Bergheimsvatnet
as well as the fossil that I saw trapped in the rock right before me.

you might seen the pattern of planks that formed the outer part of the rock, but those has rotted away while there is still one embedded in the rock that has been transformed into a fossil,

I love fossils, I guess one reason is because they are evidence of how fast things can happen and actually more likely prove the existence of the God in the Bible and how Scientist often use it to support there biased theories for own beliefs rather than seeing stuff like it is.

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