Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Appointments and Projects

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Out on the Coast

Went out to a cove out on the backside of Godøya where at low-tide saw the waves crashing on the curvy rocks shaped by the ocean storms. it was almost a surreal moment to have that window to the sea but I liked this scene even more the combination of twilight, moonlight and city lights making a warmer blue hour with some nice hues. I also liked how the rocks were shaped and their sharpness in this little rift, it is actually part of another. so the cliff on the left is the cliff on the right side of another rift. which makes for even more of a surreal place in my mind. however photographing that one accurately was hard and this one i found had much better results.
Shot at f5 and iso 1600 with several exposures, enjoy it!

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