Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Appointments and Projects

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A New Day

This is from my longest shooting session probably ever, I spent 8 hours continuously behind the camera shooting away with the exception of biking to the next location to continue shooting.
Im pretty sure Ive cycled for 25kms in this session.
started at 9 and finished shooting at 5 because the color of sunset never faded, it is the point of the year where Dusk and Dawn blur together because we do not get the night anymore, a few stars made an appearance which was refreshing.
This is at 4 oclock when the strength of hot pink is coming forth and enveloping your soul as you are drawn to the natural color that you naturally never see.
I shot this because I love how water always flows back to the ocean and the amazing erosion patterns they make along the way. This beach has a lot of nice smooth rocks, and lovely sand. definitely want to revisit this location.
the Highlight of the night is when an otter arose from the ocean and walked across the sand and jumped on the rocks and maintaining its distance from my tent as it curiously looks for who know what. for about 15 minutes, at that moment I wish I had a Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 HSM Sport, so I could capture the magical moment of light, nature and wildlife meeting.
I also saw several seals, geese, and many different types of birds that found a nesting ground at the bird reserve out on Ulla Holmen inbetween Haramsøya and Flemsøya/Skuløya/Longva.

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