Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Love for Texture

Maybe one of the photos Ive spent the Most energy on ever, after I got off the ferry to visit this island Haramsøya and Flemsøya, when I got to this part of the island by bike I parked the bike off the road and took the camera gear I needed most and sprinted up the hill as the line from the sunlight and shade was moving up the hill quite fast, When i got there I Still got the a little bit of the backlight I wanted and sun going behind the "Mountain" of haramsøya which is what I wanted, however I wish i was there a couple minutes earlier to get a bit more dramatic backlight. Okay that is the energetic part of shooting, then there is the processing,
this is a vectorama with 4 tiles, but not just that I was trying out a new technique, I used a larger opening on the lens f8 which is the sharpest on pretty much any lens, focused at Infinity or the "mountain" made an HDR of that with 6 exposures,
but that is not it with that tile, since i was using f8 on this whole vectorama, except the closest part, I needed to Image stack, next I focused in between the mountain and the tree, then the tree, Tile 1 done. =D
2 focus points on tile 2 with HDR of 2 exposures,
2 more tiles to go, point a bit more down with 2 focus point with one exposures no HDR needed,
and the last tile 3 focus points.
each tile was saved as a separete image before stitching together in PS, and PS would Image stack and make the panorama, so I photomerged the top two tiles, then the 2 bottom tiles, and some manual blending to get sharpness all the way through, then merged the top two with the bottom two in a separate photomerge. and finally got sharpness all the way, the type of backlight gave very flat muddy exposure of the details in the foilage, and felt didnt do justice of what I saw there at all.
Used quite a bit of selective color, color balance, B&W w/ softlight blending to give the right type of contrast in the forground.
and even though the subject I wanted to photograph the most was the very windy road going back and forth up the mountain towards the sun. I ended up giving a lot of focus to the foreground and I like it as much. this is one of the first images I capture on my camping trip to the islands where I shot 8 hours straight here at 9 oclock until 5 in the morning.
there is also a great deal of nice wildlife on the reserves out by these islands including otters, minks, and seals and various birdlife. and out by the ocean got some really nice sand and rock formations.

beginningscloudscoastcolorfuldetaileuropeflowersfocus stackinggreenhdrhikelushmossmountainnew lifenorvegenorwaynorwegenoceanpanoramashadespringsunsettexturetreevectoramavegetationdaylightsubarticexoticscenicyellownordøyaneharamharam kommuneiwan groot