Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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For commercial or personal use of photo from a shoot get into contact for me to give your the forms, details and we can plan something together. If you wish to make something creative together Im looking for Photographers, Make-Up Artists, models, fashion designers, sewers, painters and perhaps Retouchers to work with.

In the Dark Forest

I Hope you like this scene and it reminds me of dark woods where trolls might be hiding on a damp summer evening =D
Im a sucker for color and love showing the true colors as well as playing with them in my landscapes, but I also appreciate Black and White photography, and I feel because of lack og experience as well as my love for color often stops me from creating Black and white images even though some images are actually better than color. Here is such an Image and Im choosing to conquer my fears of Black and White and have been creating quite a few Black and White images. I feel I use the same amount if not more time on trying to make a nice black and white image. I processed it multiple times to get as many tones as possible while still looking good because I find the best Black and White images have great contrast or many many tones. I relented and tried to give it justice in just the tones, textures and light that makes this image beautiful and not so much the color. Cameras made specifically for Black and White usually have a larger range of light than regular color cameras do.

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