Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Left behind by the Tide

This is an older photo from a place I loved a lot, great location, I hope to visit it again before I head into the Military.
Im not sure, but i believe this island is beautiful in whatever weather or season, though spring probably would be magical colors, and nights and the winter and fall have great nightscapes as well storms for big waves.
Low Tide at Ona
was the title i gave to the first version of this photo, however didn't get much feedback so Im trying to reprocess it with the techniques i use now, and also trying to do make little damage on the image quality
30 second exposure at f16, to get enough detail and light, and still brightened a bit in post.
I loved being on some beaches and seeing sand. it reminds me a lot of Ivory Coast and Senegal to countries in West Africa where I grew up.

Onabeachcloudyeuropelow tidenorwayrocksandsunsetfar from civilizationdaylightsubarticexoticscenicpinkpurplecoldbluetwilightdusksundownnord√łyaneiwan groot