Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Bomull Blomster

500px Photo ID: 132435557 - I gave the title a norwegian name this time around, during the spring and summer I had kept an eye out for a composition where I could include flowers as that is one of the nice things about summer and spring, I dont got a lot of images that include flowers so I thought it was about time to post on, even if it is a throughback. If you like looking at all sorts of flowers go out to this island during the spring or summer or both as there is a huge range of various flowers I was blown away by the beauty of some of them and the huge variety, the last time I saw so many sorts was in the jungle where I grew up as a kid.
For this scene I focus stacked with 4 focus points, and HDR for the farthest focus point. so 8 photos in total! This is from one of my longest shooting sessions ever with 9 hours none stop, barely stopped to eat or sleep under the summer nights that dont get dark. If you know the name of this type of flower feel free to comment otherwise just enjoy the image.
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