Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Some Things Stay the Same

This is Skageflå, an area in the fjord of Geiranger famously known and often photographed. Also from this position but more commonly from the safe and comfortable position on the cruises and ferries that travel this turn. This position is also often photographed, but honestly I was scared on this trip, with how slipery it was even after a few days since the last rain. but a lot of the path is narrow or steep, and I myself and not wanting to tumble several hundred meters down the mountain and into a fjord so the trip itself was not pleasant for me but the reward was nice =D. I cant remember seeing a shot of this location in such nice light as this. I hadnt really wanted to photograph unless I could do something unique but because of the journey and ncie light I thought it was still worthy to share. Visiting Geiranger I was reminded how many waterfalls are here and was put in a state of Awe being in this amazing location, but honestly if I wasnt a photographer I would just leave the camera in the bag and enjoy the location because photos dont capture the grandeur and size, and I enjoyed gazing more than capturing photographs while here.
the waterfalls you see on the other side of the fjord is the Seven Sisters and opposite them is the Friar, or bottle. and I suggest taking a little time to read the story or myth about them. =D
Anyway Enjoy and have a great evening and rest of the summer.

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