Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Land Hoi, Ona

The view you get of the little island with the tall red lighthouse and quaint town from the ferry.
This little island and the neighbour island that you see a bridge to on the side of the photo at one point had close to 400 inhabitants. but now has 18 permanent residents and soon 15.
a thriving community back in the day with lots of fish, and lobsters, with a little farm and trade routes with the neighbouring islands and mainland, had its own school, store, restaurant and during the summer is quite the tourist resort with many staying in houses or cabins, that they own or rented. or the beautiful hotel right by the water. Ona Havstuer​. Classic Norway​
on a day like this I actually went around in a tank top which is rare for a place like this in the summer as well much less in the autumn. being so far out at sea and with nothing to stop or redirect the wind there is always a breeze or wind.
but being so far also has its perks and charms. like the amazing view of the northern lights, stars and milky way which you will get to see later.
I hope someday to camp here with some friends as I've had a great experience here both times I've come here.

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