Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Far Far Away

Im a little torn about the title I wanted to communicate a magical place away from the city and town lights out in nature, above and under the lights.
I went out the other night with the purpose to see how many shooting stars I could capture, I didn't stay the whole night but i was there for a deal of the darkest time of the night and I had hoped to capture more, but this is the brightest one that I quickly saw in my selection of shots from a time-lapse
As I mentioned yesterday,
"This was the first time this year I've been able to go out exploring, biking and hiking and not have to wear a jacket or sweater earlier we got 30 degrees celsius and 40 in the sun! it was so great to feel the nice sun rays on my skin and feel the UV light penetrating the body and warming me from the inside as well as giving me a tan.
And just when I thought when Haramsøya couldn't get any better I found out there come whales to eat krill right off its coast, in addition to the Orcas that come. One of the fastest falcons also come to this island and puffins sometimes make a visit to the islands. As far as history I was shown an area with viking graves, a monument in the place of an old Stave church as well as the town of Ulla used to have 1500 in habitants during its thriving fishing community. As far as geography I also found a face in the mountain side, the beauties of some other cliffs, a cave.
to top off the night I sat on the top of the mountain as the darkest hours approached and got to see some of the remains of the Perseids Meteor Shower and saw around 50 shooting stars in the 2 hours while observing them fill the sky.
Thank you Vegard Halkjelsvik for showing me new things and driving around.
Ive also been asking around and trying to figure out details for when I decide to host photography tours/workshops out on these island where we camp several days in a row, learn about how to take quality images in great places.
asking around with 62°nord, and Destination Norway."
This is a vectorama of two tiles with three images, the top tile is one longer exposure of 5 minutes with f8, and ISO 3200, which i also used for the bottom tile. the sky is from a shot with f2, ISO 800 and 20" long.

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