Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Relax for Reconciliation

This is after the colors from sunset have faded and all that is left if the color blue and that what is near nuances from the cold color. I really liked how the exposure looked in this shot with the flow from the river is mostly smoothed out but just little flakes and spurts giving a slightly rougher look. I was actually able to work from just one exposure in this shot to get what I wanted.

I really like settings where a little stream or river is returning to the big ocean blue, or one of its fjords, and is a visualization of H2O going around in its cycle from gas, ice and liquid during the winter. however I wouldn't shoot what ever stream going back to a body of water, I still look for a texture, pattern or something unique in the stream.

The name of this little bay or vik is
øygardsvika between kjølåsvika, and helsemvika, around the corner of stranda.
If you follow the fjord into the right just before the pointy mountain on the right you will head towards the very famous fjord of Geiranger. if you know the name of that mountain I would like to include it in the description however don't find a good source on the internet.
but if i got it right.
it is called grøtet which 1509m high

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