Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Break Dawn

This is in some senses a classic Picture, a lot of my favourite Photographers have a picture of a stream returning to the ocean as it corrodes right down the middle of the beach. I remember as a kid for the first time learning about How water gains heat and makes steam and forms into clouds that in turn rain down on the earth and the water runs back to the ocean. I have a few other shots where the stream flows back into the ocean or fjords, It reminds me in a physical form, in a real present day form of the Circle of Life.
This is from last spring about 3 in the morning as the sun is starting to light up the horizon as it still hides below the it. It is really cool explore sand beaches as there are all sorts of corroding patterns, all unique on the surface.
Sandvika in Norwegian literally means sand bay in english and there are actually man beaches called this so it is not a very unique name here in Norway.
Anyhow, enjoy this image and have a great day.
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