Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Sculptures of Past Storms

This is at High Tide on a somewhat stormy day where the water is almost a meter higher than normal So that helped get a unique shot of this location. In norwegian this Rock is called "Store Helvete" which means Large Hell. Along the coast there are many of these formations where the waves reach. I still think I like the rocks out on haramsøya and lepsøya more though the ones on Haramsøya is the one Ive explored the most.
To get down here I tried to plan the jump when the waves werent coming and ran into position, had to jump away from the waves that were coming right up to me. I also ran to the edge and climbed up when there was a gaps in the waves.
This is a small HDR, didnt use much of the extra exposures to recover highlights and shadows but tried to keep the dark mood that often follows a storm. There was no need for ND filters here, the sun making glowing lightin the clouds is a nice touch to the cold scene and dark clouds that allow for nice length to the exposures.
It would be nice to revisit this rock for some Nightscapes, and a wide angel. I wanted to make a panorama of this scene but the waves made that problematic.
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