Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Appointments and Projects

For commercial or personal use of photo from a shoot get into contact for me to give your the forms, details and we can plan something together. If you wish to make something creative together Im looking for Photographers, Make-Up Artists, models, fashion designers, sewers, painters and perhaps Retouchers to work with.

Why I love Pink

Im not ashamed to have pink as my favorite color, and can you blame me. Even as children me and my sister would fight for the pink toothbrush, hehe. There might have been some other reasons to quarrel though. reflecting on this image is also a reason why I dont use ND filters because a pink moment like this can be so quick that the colors change too quickly that I want to capture a nice HDR of the most intense pink. I like looking at sunsets like this even if I dont have my camera and I usually can predict is the sunset will produce pink. But enjoying the moment is more important than capturing it. If I can do both I will but sometimes it is important for me to just sit back and enjoy the beauty God blesses us with.

As for this it is a combination of 5 images for the HDR effect and you can notice a light pillar from the the sunlight which is a nice touch. and as blue hour settles in the lighthouse is turning on its lights which helps with the balance of focus in this image. The bump in the water a bit further out on the right is an old boat house long ago distroyed by the elements. maybe bad planning, but isnt the only thing that will be destroyed in the future as the water levels all around the world are rising due to how much ice we are melting in glaciers around the world and ice caps. If you are a fan of nature, please please please, carpool, recycle plastics, take trips in it, take the bus every once in a while, pick up trash. Ill tell the real cool people care about this planet, trashing the planet is not cool at all.

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