Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Colorful Dusk

500px Photo ID: 111687451 - Throwback thursday, here is a shot from the winter when I went out to Lepsøya and to visit Hellevik, and along the way I took a few shots including Kjærstadsanden, and used a intervalometer to capture various shots of the waves crashing and receeding from the seaweed bundle left behind on the beach. Being on sand beaches makes me sentimental and sometimes homesick, everywhere Ive lived Ive been close to a nice sandbeach, except here in norway, I have to go quite a distance or take time to arrive at a beach I like and never warm enough for me to sunbathe to a sweat and then jump in the ocean for a quick swim to cool off and then repeat which is something I really miss.
I also love waves,
This is a single exposure and darkening the top of the shot and really brings forth the nice colors you sometimes get in the sunset, at the beginning of the time at the beach I got more golden colors but towards the time I left the beach the colors turned more to the pink side. the land you see straight ahead is Haramsøya and behind that is Flemsøya/Skuløya/Longva.
I also made a logo for myself to include in my website hopefully be able to put on receipts, and maybe business cards in the future, Im also working on a timelapse from the last two years about the nights in norway and trying to make a better quality version than what I previously made.
hope you guys like this one that has been sitting on my computer for a long time without seeing the public.

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