Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Camping in Spring

I tried to think of an unique for this shot but a classic name fit best.
Last spring I camped on this island beach, you dont see the sand in this picture, but it is a very nice beach. With great color water, a few rocks and nice white sand. Facing north the longest days of Summer the sunsets straight ahead of the beach. here in early spring the sun rose at 3 in morning though it never actually got dark. Well it got dark enough to spot a few stars but not much else.
On this trip I had planned on sleeping in the tent here however because of the great amount of beauty and since I was exploring parts of the islands I hadn't previously I shot constantly from 8 in the evening before until 6 or 7 in the morning and took an early ferry back in the morning. There were little breaks where I was biking from one place to another or taking a few minutes to take in nature but otherwise was clicking the shutter of the camera.
For my followers you might recognise this scene and think why am I see the same frame. In this shot It was shot quite differently. I got closer to the flowers and shot an HDR panorama of 5 vertical tiles to include a composition I thought displayed the beauty accurately.
These Islands also have tons of flowers during the spring to autumn season, with a diverse number og species with types I haven't seen before as well. so This is definitely a place to visit for flowers in the summer due to all the birds that come here for breeding season and dropping their poop with seeds make it a unique ecosystem. Out here Ive seen otters, seals, mink, huge eagles, various sea birds and the Orcas make a presence often in the autumn though I haven't been lucky enough to see them yet here.
With this image Im also introducing something Ive been working on.
Im trying to make some tutorials of how I work with editing various shots. And working on making presets as well as Unique Brushes.
Here I used a brush to introduce the light burst I get with my Sigma Art lens, This shot was shot with a canon lens that only makes 6 spikes and I dont like the look of that and this image didn't even have a light burst as the clouds evened out the exposure. The intent of the brush is to emphasise actual light bursts in images, and adding to elements to make them look really bright in a normal photographic method. I dont think I will like to use it too much, but occasionally it can make the image more alive and thought it could be something customers would like that I uniquely provide.
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