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Driftwood de Øygardsvika

Was In the town Stranda last weekend and stayed an extra two days, and visited this little bay, in most of the shots I tried to capture the more iconic mountain tops of this beautiful fjord, Storfjord, which leads to eidsdal and lingo where you can go into granger or if going by boat you go to the right before the mountain on the right called Grøtet at 1509 meters high.
øygardsvika is between kjølåsvika, and helsemvika, around the corner of stranda.

In this shot I was fascinated by the nice smooth round rocks and pebbles, some driftwood, boathouse and the iconic fjord for stranda people and I enjoyed the tones and colors of this pastel like sunset with just enough clouds and the moon coming up along with still water.

I had a harder time in with this shot to make things pop right without looking fake, especially with chromatic aberration or known as color fringing is tricky in these types of long exposures. this shot includes 100 + 1 exposures, 100 exposure at fraction of a second then blended using StarStaX to make the long exposure look, and one extra that is a bit brighter to help bring more details in the foreground.

I would have liked to include the other Naust, (boathouses). there were three of them and. however would have to make a panorama if I were going to include all I wanted, however found it too much information for one photo then.

It was cool to see the rising moon at sunset with the pastel colors of the the setting sun.

I lived in Stranda last year so to visit it again and check out the a little bit of the nature and see familiar mountains and fjords.
I would say most of my photography is from around this town and my little town of Søvik.

I really enjoy getting to know a place and taking photos of not as popular views but still keeping some elements that are known to the public. therefore I don't mind have town, houses or lights in my nature photography.

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