Norwegian Dayscapes - Iwan Groot


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Decaying Barriers

Something manmade things in nature fade and decay before the elements of nature.
I find it always very fascinating when I see a manmade thing decaying in nature, it reminds me of the forces of nature, how strong they are, how much they persevere and always win.
and one day on this earth everything will be destroyed and consumed in fire before a new earth is made.

A little context of where this is
it is in Kjølås of Stranda, overlooking Storfjord,
the lights on the left are Liabygda and the little light on the right, right by the fjord is linge across from eidsdal which you go through to visit the famous town and fjord of Geiranger.

I still trying to get used to making sharp images with minimal noise,
and Im hoping this one is high enough quality, (even though it is somewhat fake, the moon was actually in another part of the sky, but from the same time and place. =D )

Hope you all enjoy this piece that is reaching for the sky during blue hour in the spotlight of the rising moon.

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