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Green Arrow

This is a reedit of the shot as I made quite a big mistake noticeable for they that know the milky way well.
So here it is stitched in a way to to show the actual pattern, but the milky way was brightened a bit in this shot and with a different technique than last time, though i used the same technique at first, but more subtlety and then I used luminosity masks which are available from Jimmy McIntyre.
This one was edited shortly after the last one but sat on the computer a long time because I didn't want to immediately reupload a new version, and I like the obscurity of the other version as well.
Im posting it as somewhat of a celebration as the dark skies are returning to norway, we still dont have atmospheric dark but soon will be dark enough to start capture the milky way in which we live and stars and the magnificent auroras of the northern skies.
here is the text from last time:
"I watch the TV series Arrow a lot
and the green bow in the sky made me think of a bow.
and hadn't thought about calling any of them anything like that. but when I looked at this shot I thought it would be sweet to have a bow and arrow in my hand in this shot, i considered painting it in, but decided to leave it like this.
This is probably around 3 o'clock in the morning, between 4 and 5 the east starts to light up a little bit from the approach in dawn.
I wasn't sure I was going to see northern lights while being out, but they were there the whole time I was there. which was nice to marvel at the grandeur and beauty they shine.
I found this nice large round rock and thought about doing a star trail there, but ended up not doing it but rather make a lot of panoramas and stills.
though they are great the highlight of the night was when I was biking home again I saw the Biggest meteor I've seen.
or shooting star. It stretched a bout a quarter or a third of the sky with the brilliance of blue and purple in the trail and fiery orang at the front, and most just fade out when they are burnt up, but this one exploded and looked like fairy dust being sprinkled on the mountain.
and right before the explosion the fire got so bright that is flashed light onto the ground before me and lit up everything just a bit more for a split second.
I wish I had captured it. but then if I was behind the camera I might not have seen in person."
Enjoy it and as always feel free to Share =D

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