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Appointments and Projects

For commercial or personal use of photo from a shoot get into contact for me to give your the forms, details and we can plan something together. If you wish to make something creative together Im looking for Photographers, Make-Up Artists, models, fashion designers, sewers, painters and perhaps Retouchers to work with.

The Camping Experience

Friday Evening I went up the mountain right outside of Ålesund, and set up camp at the early hours of Saturday Morning and the Auroras were still giving strong light but not the amazing dancing display that I saw earlier on in the night.
The foreground was lacking a nice aspect so I positioned the milky way on one side of the tree and the auroras on the other and the tent opposite of it. the valley below was nice but helped rather giving the vignette to the panorama. This is a whole 360° panorama. so You get the whole view I experience before cozy upping in my sleeping bag and enjoying the fresh air til the sun came up.
for the camera nerds I used f2, ISO 1600 and 20" and 14 vertical images at 18mm stitched together.
More images of the experience to come and looking forward to sharing them with you.

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