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Quintuplet Prism

This is from a mountain trip up the mountain top called Saksa, basically meaning scissors as it comes so close to another top making a pair of scissors, to the far right the top of Slogen is seen one of the tallest mountains in sunnmøre at 1564 while we are at 1073 and we started at about 100 or 50meters up, so we went about 1000 meters up, and the craziest thing is that we managed to get all the way to the top with my 87 year old Grandfather! :O, I sure hope Im still that fit when I get that old if I even manage to make it that old. He is a great inspiration to me in so many ways and is also a great painter and a pioneer in our family.
I was blown away when we got to the very top of the mountain just a few meters above the clouds or even in the clouds it gave a surreal atmosphere and was nice to still see the neighbouring mountain tops but what I was astounded by was the rainbow in the clouds opposite the sun, when I popped the CPL filter on 5 bows appeared, there is two in the center though they are small and then three big ones but the biggest is mainly just a nice white frame to the inner bows. Truly an experience worth the effort, time and energy and the muscle pains that lasted about 5 days later. Would be nice sometime in the future to try camping on top of a mountain like this, and this one was nice and soft still here on the top from the moss which is unusual. Autumn provided a lot of nice colors along the way as well as a stunning sunset on the decent and red leaves from the blueberry bushes all the way up and down the mountain.

The image has a little bit of toning done and fixing up mistakes of the camera but very little was need to have this image scream, and I feel it stands on its own as a masterpiece without me having to do my magic on it.

Have you ever seen this light phenomena and if so with 5 rainbows? Tell me about it if you have and if you havent I hope you will someday see it!

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