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Early Hours

For this session I went out a bit after midnight and was out until 5 in the morning and spent several hours exploring another part of the island at night.
for this shot I actually tried to do horizontal steelwool sparks, but it wouldnt light since it was not fine enough.
In this shot I used 9 shots but it is mainly 6 shots since there was a lot of overlay. there wasnt much Northern Lights on the forecast but there was a nice glow the entire time I was there, I planned on making a star trail that night but didnt get around to that, ill have to do more star trails next winter. The milky way and aurora are no longer visible from the long days of summer approaching.
the auroras were a bit messy in this panorama and dont know why, but I think it was natural but in the shot looked like a photography mistake, so I filled the gaps a bit.
I also played with Chanel Mixer in photoshop for fun to see what it does, and found out it can make nice inverted colors and this case made the light pollution disappear and make the skies look clearer.
hough they are great the highlight of the night was when I was biking home again I saw the Biggest meteor I've seen.
or shooting star. It stretched a bout a quarter or a third of the sky with the brilliance of blue and purple in the trail and fiery orang at the front, and most just fade out when they are burnt up, but this one exploded and looked like fairy dust being sprinkled on the mountain.
and right before the explosion the fire got so bright that is flashed light onto the ground before me and lit up everything just a bit more for a split second.

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