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Fallen of Fall

Last year I made a shot Falls' Falls, which is a play on the american way of refering to autumn, "Fall" and growing up with americans was the normal for me to say as well.
So when Titling this one I wanted to think of something along the same lines.
it is a shame for this shot that the tops of the mountains are covered as in the center of this fram there is a peak 1500meters high and one of the most known tops of Sunnmøre. "Slogen"
we however did get to see the mountain tops when we reached the top of the Mt Saksa, meaning scissors as there are two tops right next to one another almost as tall from the same mountain.
Ive refered to We a few times it went with my relatives including my Grandpa who is 87 years old who also made it to the top almost 1100meters up, and we started maybe 50 meters above sealevel. that is quite the hike and much more for most that manage to make it 87 years old.
So I was really glad I got to go with him to the top as well as others in my family.
its a tradition every autumn to do a trip with my grandpa.
This is my golden scene as i have very little strong orange or red.
but I do got some shots of the Red from autumn.
so Im looking forward to sharing that.
Hope you all like this shot,
I hope I managed to capture feeling and emotion of th awe and wonder of both autumn and Sunnmørs Alps.
Feel Free to Share =D

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