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One of the things I looked forward to the most in Bali was being close to the equator and getting to see the galactic core of the Milky way. It didn't disappoint, and a great privilege. I had the great opportunity of going up this volcano Mt. Batur for a sunrise. But I asked to go up an hour earlier so that I could get a photo of the Milky way. I wish I had come even earlier to try other scenes as well. This was a tricky Panorama to put together since I used 4 rows with 8-10 columns depending on the row. the large scene and amount of tiles for this panorama is one challenge but ad the fact I had thought I had enough time to capture the whole scene before the sunrise would show. However that was not the case and the light changed significantly that Photoshop wouldn't align the layers for me and had to do most of the stitching manually. This result though is truly rewarding for me and was very lucky with how all the parts of the scene worked for me. Im glad I got a little light from the thunder storm to the left, a view of the lake and volcano on the edge as well as Bali's highest volcano Mt. Agung behind it. The sunrise brought balance to the bright lights from Denpasar (the capital) and the surrounding villages. The sunrise also helped light up the foreground and volcano a bit better to bring some texture. I would have liked to add myself to the scene but was racing with the sunrise and didn't have the time for this scene. That is something that is different for me when photographing in a tropical place. In Norway the sunrise and sunset lasts a lot longer because of the angle the sun goes below the horizon. I hope you enjoy this image as much as me or more. I have just updated my websites layout and options for buying Prints as well as licences. For licences for the full resolution of this image contact me.

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