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Streams of Light

I find this shot epic and wanted to have an epic tittle for and hope this one helped it out. other options were "As Darkness Tkes over" "Light on a Hill" or "Two Towers".
You see Auroras on both sides of the frame since this is 180° panorama facing both east and west on the edges and south in the middle, facing my hometown og the city of ålesund. But you cant see them here in this shot.
To get out here I took the Speedboat with Norled out to the island Harøya from Ålesund from there I biked along the ocean side coast of the island and over a bridge to another island Finnøya, then took a ferry over to Sandøya and continued to this tiny island Ona and camped for the night.
I Had intended to include the arch of the milky way that went over the lighthouse and to the east but Photoshop didnt manage to align the images and it was too hard for me to a good job manually. But this shot if from a 360° panorama that I ended up cropping and only including the southern view as the only thing interesting north was the Auroras and the port of the town which from this view was a bit distracting in my opinion. It is a long time ago since I merged the photos to make this shot so Im unsure how many images were taken to make this whole image. If you get the chance to go out here sometime I would definitely encourage it.
This town that used to have close to 400 inhabitants is now at 15 permanent residents, A great place to see stars, catch lobsters, go bird watching during migrating and breeding season. and great waves on a stormy day but I wouldnt encourage going here on a boat during stormy weather there are a lot of rocks under ths surface of the water that cant be seen.
I hope You enjoy and I also hope my images are helping people appreciate this world we live in a bit more and will help people try to be more enviromentally consciencsious, recycle, pick up trash when you see it, and stop your friends from littering. Take the bike instead of just using the car whenever.
We all have a duty to Make this world a good place to live in so many ways and many neglect the enviroment. the #1 things killing animals nowadays is plastic namely in the ocean and around it.

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