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Purple Edge

500px Photo ID: 104495211 - love this composition, the blank space between the aurora and land to me looks like the head of an elephant.
the purple you see at the edge of the aurora was actually visible where the other colors aren't always as visible because of it is not always as bright. but this purple edge is at the brightest part.
I hardly ever see that little purple edge on the bottom part.
Another thing I love about this composition is the simple view and contrast between the left that is smooth and blurred together, and the right which is sharp and crisp.
I used two exposures at both tiles in the panorama to heal some of the shadows however I didn't fully recover them because of how unnatural it looked in comparison to the contrast of the rest of the image.

on March 17 we got a 8.93 aurora storm and it was spectacular! I am in love with the Aurroa, with them filling the whole sky and dancing everywhere.

the town on the island to the left is Terøya
and I'm on the peninsula of Søvik.
on the edge of the big rock you Can see my friend laying down trying to take a shot with my other camera.

I was whoop whooping the whole time pretty much, it was a great show.

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