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Road of Vanilla Frosting

5 frames included in this image however I had 3 extra to the left side and an extra on the right that I ended up cropping out, which would have given more of a view, orion, and some of the towns/villages in the area but decided I liked this framing most and left the lights from the different lighthouses still in view but other than that the villages out of view.
a few Weeks ago I went camping on this mountain top to hopefully capture 5 planets in the same photo however when it came time for that photo the skies were clouded over.
At this location I was taking photos of a flashlight in what looked like a snowstorm with little view of the surroundings and the road and then 5 or 10 minutes later the snow disappeared and the skies cleared and the wind dialled down and showed a whole different scene with a good view of almost a whole new world. and these moments I find so sweet to witness when the weather isn't the nicest but can surprise you and change so quickly. The night was cold but just made it a bit more memorable. I wish I could share through imagery just how magical I felt it looked, and after 3 years in norway I am still astounded at times how beautiful the nature is here. I hoping to do a portrait on these cliffs when the conditions are right so I am looking forward to share the vision of my minds eye from these magical landscapes.
I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share =D
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