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This is a shot Ive been planing for a long time last autumn I was looking on Google maps and Noticed that the Area between Haramsøya and Flemsøya was the nicest color water in the whole area at least for Haram, Finnøya, skodje, Ålesund and Giske Kommune. So Since it has such great color and is unmatched in so many kommunes I love going here and seeing the Sun hit the nice white sand laying at the bottom of the shallow water.
I find the bridge quite cool as well as the rock formations down by the shore formed by the waves and tide pools and the mountain side itself has lots of cool formations and textures that I love.
I find the colors out on this island very vibrant and stronger than Im used to around my town. This area between Haramsøya and Flemsøya is a nature reserve and many birds visit, as well as minks, otters, seals and orcas. on This mountain top I saw the largest eagle I've ever seen over 2 meters wingspan, and when I stand next to the docks on this island I am also amazed by the fish I see swimming around.
Im a little off the top of the cliff so you might say I went off the edge to get this shot, but Im very careful and dont go unless i feel it is stable and feel like I have good control.
On this occasion I went out here with folks and we drove the car up one side of the mountain and down the other side. It was such a joy to show them this beautiful island and enjoy the scenery with others. They were in agreement with me that this island is majestic and more beautiful than Geiranger. They understood why I love this island so much. Another thing I pointed out to them is the diversity in follows on this island. There are so many flowers and so many of them that Ive never seen before anywhere else. I think the seeds are dropped here by the birds that visit and drop their droppings on this fresh fertile soil.
This is pretty much all shot at 1/30th of second as that was the main shot I got. that evening I was looking for my photos and they all had been lost so I had to use some recovery software to fetch them and so shots were too damaged to use however the all the shots at 1/30th and 1/100th of a second were usable so I used the 1/100th to recapture some of the blown highlights but then used the base layer of 1/30th of second to make the majority of the tones. and used luminosity masks to make it more of an HDR shot and also used them to give a little kick as far as light.
Please Share as well since this is one of my favourite shots from the year and one that Ive been waiting so long to take. =D

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