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Pinnacle of Spjekavikfjellet

I find this shot so amazing and I wish I could share it in full resolution for you guys on Facebook, at least better than this size.
so make sure to check it out on 500px or flickr afterwards.
This pinnacle I saw from quite far away and in the darkness made my way to it. It was even cooler than I had expected when I came to it.
i went around it to see what angle I liked the most, at first I took a shot of it with the northern lights in the background and then realised how great this location was for a 360 panorama. and I love making them. Im a sucker for them and being able to share the full view i find amazing.
I made 13 vertical shots with my Sigma Art lens which gives me 16 out of 18 megapixels on my camera which is a great quality for the lens, almost getting the full worth of the camera. where my 10-22mm before would give me 12 i believe, which is also good.
I also had to make the photo smaller to be able to edit it. 7000px x 25000px which i do not have a machine able to properly edit something that big. and can't be uploaded to 500px because it is so large as well as so large it would be only useful that large for a bill board or something like that.
Im going to make an album to share with you guys how I went about editing it and also so you can see before after and the process as well as he smaller details I love so much about this panorama.
if you can notice the way I edited the milky way here, i would be interested if you like the old way or the new way more. i like this new way more.
the majority of fine tune editing in this panorama were recovering shadows and darkening mid-tones, cutting through the light pollution and lightening a few places of the milky way.
in retrospect I wish I had made an HDR of Ålesund from here to get more details from there as well as a sense of the shape of Ålesund on its several islands. but making HDRs in panoramas like this can be a big pain and I thought at the time This would be awesome and HDR would be unnecessary.
I was also surprised how much light was making its way up here.
with the combination of distant city lights, twilight and the northern lights I got quite nice directional and soft light on the mountain side and top which i find really adds to the scene.
compositionally I usually dont try to have the same scene twice in a 360 panorama but the tree with the orang light behind it from sykkelven helped add balance when on both sides, and thought can also drive the point home that it is a 360 degree panorama.
20" f2 at ISO 1600,
18mm on Sigma Art 18-35mm f1.8
13 vertical shots on s 550d
I hope you all enjoy

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