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My Town in Winter

Today I looked out my window close to sundown and notice the sky had cleared up and was promising a nice sunset,
we just had fresh snow, so everything was beautifully covered in white, and I saw my opportunity so i grabbed some snow gear, tripod and camera and hiked up the first leg of the mountain, right above our town.
takes about 20 minutes to get up there, i think, I wasn't counting.
my house is towards the middle of the frame across from the shipyard.

I wish I had gone up a bit earlier so I would have time to take photos of some of the trees on the way up. but time was short, since I started going up while golden hour had already started and was fading into blue, however the more colorful sunset it is closer to blue hour. I was a bit afraid I would miss the peak of colors, however I made it in time.

This is part of a seriesI Ive taken in all of the seasons now except spring, which is coming soon.
I also want to photograph it sometime at night with the stars. but Ill have to see.

below are links to my panoramas of the same location from the autumn and summer.

in the distance you can see ålesund, vigra, valderøya, godøy, lepsøya.


two autumn bonuses

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