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500px Photo ID: 158582997

500px Photo ID: 158582997 - © Copyright Iwan Groot,
At the top of Lepsøya after 7 hours on foot around the island, I made my ascent at 11 in the night and came up to the top at 3 in the morning after climbing the steepest part of the mountain more that 45 degrees steep at least some parts. Definitely the darkest Ive experienced since coming to norway, steepest Ive climbed with my big sack and great to see so many stars in the sky.
This was my third attempt in april to capture the milky way before summer would take over. the first attempt had too much cloud cover and the second attempt there was too much northern lights blocking the view and this trip was perfect, great trip around the island exploring new and discovering other hidden gems, and the beautiful view of the sky as well as the coast outside of Ålesund by night. At 4 in the morning as the light of dawn started lightening the horizon I was too exhausted to continue and slept in the cabin just a little way down from the top of the mountain top. Total of 12 hour trip, this shot took 30 minutes to capture all the exposures for it, and dont know how many hours to edit but two months after taken and edited Im confident with the way I processed the image and proud to announce it as my all time favourite shot, I wish I had more energy and warmth at the time of this shot to have tried some other poses as well, But I love it none the less and hope you do too =D. I hope to share an article about my stay and adventure around the island.
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Lightroom process RAW files, and exported them as large JPEGs to compose Panorama.

The sky is from verical images, and the foreground and view of the bottom part of the image is from horizontal images, Where I focus stacked, made into HDRs before stitching together for Panorama in PS. Due to the large stitch and files I first composed the top left, top middle, top right, then put them together, and the same with the bottom part and then stiched the top and bottom together.
First without self portrait and then added the self portrait manually when i decided I liked that better.
A little bit of color painting and toning, desaturated blues and yellows.

Final Image retouched carefully to give realistic view but clean and polished result so you can enjoy the epicness of my trip =D

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