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Life From Death

Going to the top of Mt. Batur a Volcano inside a larger 7.5 km wide crater of another volcano. Im in-between some peaks on the top looking down into the crater and overlooking the other peeks, the lake inside the crater and the range on the outer edge of the crater as well as the Highest point on Bali in the background. We got to see a beautiful sunrise here as well as I finally got to see the galactic core of the milky way 3 hours before this.
I loved all the textures I saw that were so special for volcanic sceneries. Its surreal almost and so lush for a place that is always facing danger.
This is an active Volcano and several places you could enjoy steam coming up and down by the lake you could enjoy hot springs. The highest point on the volcano is 1,717 m and our accent began at 1000meters and is the longest upward hike Ive done with my large hiking bag so that was a nice accomplishment for me as well.
I wish to visit Indonesia again since there is so much beauty i won't manage to capture before leaving back to Norway But am glad for the Beauty I have already been able to witness. I hop you enjoy this as well.

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