Portrait - Iwan Groot


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Rise From the Ashes

Over the last years as my photography has developed there has been a lot of self portraits, mainly due to the fact I wanted to try something and couldn't get a modell for it. This is an idea I wanted to be a self portrait.
Struggles are not something anyone wishes for themselves or on others. There is a lot to be said about struggles.
Ive had my share of struggles, I'm not saying it was worse than what others went through, but I understand what it is like when you do not have a will to live another day. I understand the urge to rather be finished with life than to battle another day. I understand how it can be hard to find hope.
An encouraging verse is Romans 8:28 (ESV)
know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.
Such a great verse but I encourage those of you that have friends in the dumps or in hard times, to listen, to try to understand the situation, dont throw scripture to lighten it up, dont try to sugarcoat it. dont quote this verse any chance you get. A hug might help more than any verse of scripture. sitting down and listening might help more than any resources. Crying with them can unleash the explosion inside and help them conquer the trial.
Not everyone is thankful for their trials, but Honestly I can say that I am. The hardships of my life have chiseled me to be the person I am. I can help others. I am alright now. Im positive, I'm motivated, I'm determined, Im thankful and you dont need to worry about me.
But know there person you see everyday smiling might be hurting inside. There was a time as a child I had a long knife on my chest at least a dozen times. There are several reasons i didn't do it. Mainly because it was selfish, I kept hoping, and I didn't wish that tragedy on those around me. But nobody knew the hurt I had until years after. I smiled, I laughed, I climbed and goofed off like I always had. Because that was the role everyone knew I played so I kept playing it even when I didn't feel like it. Nobody knew I was even sad.
So take time to ask people how they really are doing. maybe they need to unload, or a reality check. Or see someone that cares.
This photo is supposed to show my conquering of hard times and hope for the good times in the future. Im not done with hard times. But with God with me All things are possible.
btw. I think I'm done with this photo, but if you spot something that needs to still be corrected, I welcome a critique.

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